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News » State of emergency for Ohio NFL teams

State of emergency for Ohio NFL teams

State of emergency for Ohio NFL teams
Adam Best and the rabid football fans at Fan-Sided Blogs will weigh in with the perspective from the bleachers, couches and sports bars after each week's games.

NFL Week 4

Week 4 action

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The beauty of Direct TV's NFL Ticket is that you can watch every single NFL game. Whenever I flipped to the Ohio Bowl -- which featured the 0-3 Cleveland Browns at the 0-3 Cincinnati Bengals -- that blessing instantly became a curse. I can't even imagine what the experience was like for those poor fans who actually spent their hard-earned money on tickets. Congress, can we at least get a bailout for Bengals and Browns fans?

Jamal Lewis shouldn't have intervened and stopped teammates Braylon Edwards and Derek Anderson from fighting on the sideline, he should have intervened and stopped fans from watching. The 20-12 eyesore was so awful that the best play of the game was Edwards' post-TD air guitar riff. LeBron James just texted me that he's bolting his home state for New York if he ever has to watch these two teams play again. No joke.

Speaking of home states, I have to offer my sincerest apologies to my home state of Missouri. Last week, I claimed the Show-Me State boasted the worst tandem of NFL teams. I was wrong. The Kansas City Chiefs rocked the rival Denver Broncos at Arrowhead , and the St. Louis Rams will be better after handing the worst coach in the league his pink slip. In fact, I'm not so sure the best football team in the Buckeye State isn't, well, the Buckeyes.

To make matters worse, the Bengals didn't even have Carson Palmer. You know, the former Pro Bowler. And when I say former, I mean former. Palmer should pull an Ocho Cinco and change his name, because he's obviously not the same quarterback he used to be. His replacement, Ryan Fitzpatrick, was even worse. Who is Fitzpatrick? He's tall, athletic and a Harvard grad. Uh, so is Barack Obama, but does that make him an NFL quarterback? Fitzpatrick was so horrific that his 44.1 QB rating was closer to his college GPA than his IQ. Good thing he has that Ivy League degree to fall back on.

As for the Browns, one team eventually had to win, right? Edwards might have gone all Jimi Hendrix in the end zone, but the rest of his performance resembled a balding baby boomer trying to keep up with his teenage son at "Rock Band." Part of the problem was his quarterback, who has returned to being plain ol' Mr. Anderson after his Neo-like 2007 campaign. Derek, I suggest that you go out and get yourself a Brady Quinn voodoo doll, and do it fast. Quinn's wait to become the Browns' starting QB won't even last as long as his green room draft layover if you keep this up.

Romeo Crennel said he considered giving Anderson the hook for Quinn, but "wanted to give him another chance." Giving the Bengals or Browns another chance is something that I suggest no NFL fan does any time soon. The game was so unwatchable that even Kellen Winslow Sr. clicked the "off" button on his remote. Chad Johnson, er, Ocho Cinco might not have danced when he finally scored his first touchdown of the year, but I was dancing when this game was finally over. The two teams play again four days before Christmas, but if they really want to give their fans a present they'll not show up.

The state of the race for the No. 1 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft is now clear, and that state is Ohio.

Around the League

AFC East: For my money, Dick Jauron is as good as any head coach in the business. He gets more out of less than any other coach in the NFL right now. In fact, I think Jauron and Scott Linehan could have swapped sidelines last Sunday and the final score would have swapped with them. Then again, I'm guessing any of the Bills' waterboys could have pulled off the same feat.
-- Full AFC East breakdown

AFC North: There's ugly low-scoring affairs -- like the Buckeye Bowl -- and then there's beaugly ones. Beaugly? Yes -- beautifully ugly. Ray Lewis and the Ravens banging heads with Big Ben and the boys made for pretty compelling TV. And how unbelievable was Ray-Ray's one-man, two-play goalline stand during the fourth quarter? Despite his heroics -- he had as many tackles, 13, as he's played seasons -- the Steelers still managed to pull off an overtime victory.
-- Full AFC North breakdown

AFC South: Jauron might be part of the NFL's coaching elite, but Jeff Fisher is right there with him. I mean, this guy has his Titans sitting at 4-0 and atop the AFC South despite Vince Young's emotional meltdown leaving him with 147-year-old Kerry Collins under center. Coach Fish, you're a miracle worker.
-- Full AFC South breakdown

AFC West: Herm Edwards actually called a decent game Sunday. The problem is that it took the Preacher 12 consecutive NFL Sundays to give his Red and Gold congregation a service worth showing up for. I'm surprised notoriously cheap Chiefs GM Carl Peterson wasn't stalking the Arrowhead aisles with a donations basket.
-- Full AFC West breakdown

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  • NFC East: I knew Cowboys CB Terrence Newman in college, so this isn't easy for me to write, but ... hello, Newman, what were you doing out there yesterday? Did you have Santana Moss on your fantasy squad or something? Your performance certainly wasn't the right way to honor another Newman -- the late, great Paul Newman. You'll be missed, Cool Hand Luke.
    -- Full NFC East breakdown

    NFC North: Kyle Orton might not date singers, supermodels, or do "cut that meat" commercials, but the guy almost always gives Da Bears a chance to win. You can hate the neckbeard. You can hate the goofy drunk pics floating around the Net. You can hate his third grade haircut. But you can't hate on his game. He's been a pretty decent QB this year despite playing behind a mediocre line and throwing to mediocre targets.
    -- Full NFC North breakdown

    NFC South: Just who does Saints QB Drew Brees think he is? No Marques Colston. No Jeremy Shockey. No problem? Yep. Dude made Lance Moore look like Hall of Fame speed demon Lenny Moore last Sunday. Or maybe that was just the sluggish 49ers' secondary? Regardless, I'm not so sure Brees couldn't turn Nawlins musicians Harry Connick Jr. and Lil Wayne into legit deep threats at this point.
    -- Full NFC South breakdown

    NFC West: Considering the way Cardinals QB Kurt Warner fumbles the ball whenever he gets sacked, I can't believe he never got sacked from his job as a grocery checker. Can't you see him bobbling a gallon of milk, then just standing there with that patented Warner look of disgust as it explodes all over some unlucky customer's feet? Was Kurt trying to top fellow Jurassic gunslinger Brett Favre, but in his own special way? Like, "You got six TDs? Well, I got uh, um ... six turnovers!"
    -- Full NFC West breakdown

    Get plenty of NFL coverage from the fans perspective at Fan-Sided Blogs, an affiliate of YardBarker.

    Author:Fox Sports
    Author's Website:http://www.foxsports.com
    Added: September 30, 2008

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