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News » Chat Transcript: Jason Whitlock on May 7, 2009

Chat Transcript: Jason Whitlock on May 7, 2009

Chat Transcript: Jason Whitlock on May 7, 2009
12:54 FOXSports.com: Welcome! Jason Whitlock will be joining us momentarily. While we are waiting for the 1 p.m. start time, please feel free to submit your questions for him!

12:58 Jason Whitlock: jason whitlock is here

12:59 [Comment From Bernard ] While I agree with what you are saying in regards to Selena Roberts, the bulk of your case goes to her credibility. Please explain a question I have about yours. You were on multiple radio shows saying how you would show up and grill Matt Millen and Dick Ebersol for putting Matt Millen on the Super Bowl coverage, but the press conference came and went with no sign of you. Dan Patrick and Mike Florio both made mention that you didn't show, what happened?

1:00 FOXSports.com: Bio hazard: A-Rod author has credibility issues

1:00 Jason Whitlock: when i made my declaration i was unsure of when nbc would have its press conference. they had their press conference on tuesday. i didn't arrive at the super bowl until thursday. my plane ticket was purchased long in advance.

1:01 [Comment From Anthony ] How many steps are the NBA Ref's going to allow Lebron to take after he picks up his dribble

1:02 Jason Whitlock: Lebron is the biggest star in the game. he gets to take as many steps as he likes. that's just the way the nba is. jordan got an extra step. lebron gets two extra steps.

1:02 [Comment From jda ] Do you have any type of book in the works and if so, what will be about

1:03 Jason Whitlock: no book in the works right now. i don't know if i have the patience to write an entire book. but i want to do it. i was supposed to write a book with jim brown. and i still might... i definitely want to write a book about my experiences as a journalist. i have a lot i'd like to say about the industry and the fall of newspapers.

1:03 [Comment From Patrick ] Gotta comment on the Manny situation. Unexcusable after the way the Dodgers sold all their fans on him coming back this year.

1:03 FOXSports.com: http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/9547972/Manny-suspended-50-games-for-positive-PED-test

1:04 Jason Whitlock: hmm. i want to hear a little more about what all was involved. allegedly manny used a prescription drug from a doctor. let's hold judgment until the full story comes out.

1:04 [Comment From jibbs ] jason, when do you plan to lose some weight?

1:05 Jason Whitlock: good question. i wake up with the same goal every day. lose enough weight so that halle berry will return my calls and texts.

1:05 [Comment From Nasty ] Should Roberts be held accountable either financially or some other form of punishment if any of her accusations are not found to be true?

1:05 FOXSports.com: Author sees A-Rod as insecure, needing to please

1:06 Jason Whitlock: no. if her allegations are somehow proven untrue, she'll be disgraced... i have never contended that her allegations are untrue. i just don't think her methods have been fair, think her agenda is suspect and i don't like the way the rest of the media have treated her gossipy book as gospel

1:06 [Comment From Clark (Texas) ] Do you think that the way journalism is today is a result of more "freedom" among media...as opposed to the "good ole boy" days...or is it still that way? i.e. ESPN

1:07 Jason Whitlock: clark, rephrase this question... i think the media have been perverted by fame and money. no different from the athletes we write and talk about.

1:08 [Comment From Bernard ] Most of the articles that I read written by you are critiques of other writer's articles or just critiques period, do you break any news yourself or just do commentary type articles?

1:09 Jason Whitlock: i write mostly commentary. I'm a columnist.... over at the Kansas City Star, I'm a columnist, but I also break news. I've written numerous news stories in Kansas City. Many.

1:09 [Comment From Sam W. ] You like to criticize many of the print and radio media. Besides Wilbon and the others you listed, who SHOULD we be reading/listening to? (Besides you!)

1:11 Jason Whitlock: i love mark kriegal, dan wetzel, greg couch, pat forde, william rhoden, bob wojnowski, mike wise, sally jenkins gets me thinking, dan le batard is one of the best, but he's been semi-retired... bill simmons is my favorite columnist, has been for several years... i like a lot of people. that's just off the top of my head.

1:12 [Comment From jda ] Race in hiring college coaches- do minority coaches get a fair shake these days?

1:12 [Comment From jda ] btw,thanks for taking the time to do this!

1:12 FOXSports.com: Black coaches need to pick the right jobs

1:12 Jason Whitlock: complex question. no they don't get a fair shake. but there are other factors as well....read the column just posted for a better understanding of my perspective.

1:13 [Comment From hoffman ] jason, wat do u think of your royals

1:13 Jason Whitlock: i'm at the park right now. royals are going to be in contention all year. i don't think this is a fluke... greinke is off the hook.

1:13 [Comment From Kai ] What do you have against Stuart Scott? You seem to hate this guy as if he took your girl or something. What's with the Black on Black hating?

1:15 Jason Whitlock: i don't hate stu scott. not a fan of his over the top shtick... i've defended scott, particularly on the stuff that deadspin did to him... as far as the black on black hating... it's criticism. you're asking me to bigoted about who i criticize. i'm not willing to do that.

1:15 [Comment From Guest ] Has Fox approached you about having a TV spot?

1:15 Jason Whitlock: nope. not in last two years.

1:16 [Comment From S. Palin ] be honest Jason, you love me

1:16 POLL: Should Jason have his own TV show?

Yes ( 73% )

No ( 21% )

Undecided ( 7% )

1:16 Jason Whitlock: shockingly, i don't. i despise you, which is really amazing given your good looks. you're just too stupid. i know strippers with more common sense.

1:17 [Comment From Guest ] Jason, what's your take on Lane Kiffen offering a schollie to Daniel Hood, the 4 star DL from Knoxville, who was convicted as a juvenile of rape. Most of the media in the south is ripping Hood a new one.

1:17 Jason Whitlock: need more information before i jump into that.... you gotta give people a second chance.

1:18 [Comment From Way ] Jason, I love your insight. What are your thoughts on Brett Favre possibly being a Viking?

1:18 FOXSports.com: http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/9547378/Childress-at-Vikes-camp-despite-Favre-reports

1:18 Jason Whitlock: favre is never going to retire. he's going to leave on a stretcher... i hope he's not the new muhammad ali

1:18 [Comment From Dan ] What do you think is the best way for A-Rod to respond to the allegations made by Selena Roberts?

1:20 Jason Whitlock: if i was a rod, i'd say this: i've obviously made a lot of mistakes. i'm imperfect. i apologize to my family, fans, friends and teammates for the mistakes i've made. but my hunter isn't perfect either and those of you in the media know this. i wish you all would provide all the necessary context for people to make an informed decision about the things that have been written about me.

1:20 POLL: Should A-Rod apologize to fans?

Yes ( 35% )

No ( 31% )

What for? ( 34% )

1:21 [Comment From P Dub ] Your take on Nate Davis

1:21 FOXSports.com: Ball State has arrived, baby

1:21 Jason Whitlock: he's going to be a star if he matures and learns how to prepare like a pro... he's a great kid. his learning disability is an overrated topic. the kid is a natural and extremely intelligent on the football field.

1:22 [Comment From Chris ] Jason, what do you think about the situation with Vick getting out of jail being back in the NFL, his actions were stupid but do you think he will and should be reinstated?

1:22 FOXSports.com: http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/9539606/Agent:-Dungy-met-with-Vick-in-prison

1:22 Jason Whitlock: yes, he should be reinstated. and he should play wide receiver and wildcat quarterback when he returns. he's not a legit everydown qb.

1:23 [Comment From John Overton ] Is the Raiders pick of Heyward-Bey as big of a disaster as the media has made it into? Should be interesting to say the least with Crabtree right across the Bay...

1:23 POLL: Should the NFL give Vick another chance?

Yes, he's paid his dues. ( 79% )

No, he doesn't deserve it. ( 21% )

1:23 Jason Whitlock: terrible pick given the fact they could've gotten him lower in round one.. trade down.. the ohio safety was a worse pick.. the nfl should consider taking the raiders away from al davis.

1:24 [Comment From white tobasco ] how much do you get paid for this?

1:24 Jason Whitlock: two cheeseburgers

1:24 [Comment From Marc ] Will Donovan McNabb ever win a Super Bowl? If he does is he then a lock for the HOF? Thanks JW great article on the A-Rod author yesterday.

1:25 Jason Whitlock: i'm a huge mcnabb fan. i hope he gets a ring. and if he does, he's a hall of famer no doubt...

1:25 [Comment From Tim ] What do you think about Manny being suspended for 50 games?

1:26 Jason Whitlock: no thoughts yet

1:26 [Comment From ice84 ] Jason, I hate getting into the whole black - white thing most of the time but I do have one burning question. In the last couple of years there have been related issues to not enough black head coaches and black baseball players which I agree with both being an issue. Why is nothing publicly debated on the small amount of white NBA players? Are most media people to afraid to touch the subject?

1:27 Jason Whitlock: maybe a little bit of fear.... but no one thinks there is a racial bias that is contributing to a lack of american-born white players. that's the difference...

1:27 FOXSports.com: A guest asks Jason if he weren't writing about sports, what would he be doing instead?

1:28 FOXSports.com: http://www.hbo.com/thewire/

1:28 Jason Whitlock: i love writing and discussing good television shows. i'd love to write about The Wire, The Shield, The Sopranos and stuff like that.

1:28 [Comment From Jeff Zeleney ] This Is a complex question jason. what has surprised you, enchanted you, troubled you, and humbled you about the first two Rounds of the NBA Playoffs?

1:28 Jason Whitlock: lol

1:29 [Comment From Psycho T ] Do you miss the sunday morning sports reporters on ESPN

1:29 POLL: You'd most like to see Jason write about ...

Sports ( 86% )

The Wire ( 14% )

1:30 Jason Whitlock: No. Lupica made it impossible to discussions about what's really going on in sports. The conversation on the show is dumbed down so that Lupica and Albom can keep up. They don't care about the sports world really and don't really follow it...

1:30 [Comment From AshMan ] I appreciate your perspective on sports. Don't always agree, but you make me think. Do you think sports has made race relations better?

1:31 Jason Whitlock: absolutely.. this isn't even up for debate. the friends i made in sports, the friends from all different places and backgrounds. sports give us something to talk about, gives us common ground.

1:31 [Comment From Nick in KC ] Yo Jason, if The Wire was the Chiefs orginization who would Scott Pioli be? Barksdale?

1:32 Jason Whitlock: hmm. good question... not sure if i'd give him avon status...

1:32 [Comment From kwags ] Who is your favorite athlete that you have met/know personally? And what are they like?

1:33 Jason Whitlock: magic johnson is my favorite athlete of all time... jim brown is my best friend who is a former athlete and he's the best. ... charles barkley is the most fun and a really warm person. he's just like he appears on tv..

1:33 [Comment From BuckI ] Mr. Whitlock. Don't you think it rather hypocritical how you bash hiphop music and culture for their negative influences, while you yourself, often use hiphop lingo in your writings and reference Tupac. You also take great pleasure in watching psychopaths like Tony Soprano, Bell and Barksdale. Hiphop music has fictional tales just as your favorite HBO programs. Why the double standards? Hold people accountable, not entertainment artists.

1:34 Is it OK to use hip hop lingo if you don't support the culture

Absolutely ( 27% )

No way ( 28% )

Depends on the circumstance ( 46% )

1:35 Jason Whitlock: i've written a lot about this, the difference between music and tv or movies... rappers build their identities on convincing people that their rap persona is their real persona. james gandolphini has never tried to convince anyone that he's tony soprano... there are a million other differences.. but just think about it for a minute.

1:35 [Comment From Mike S. ] Do you think Vince Young will earn is job back this year?

1:36 FOXSports.com: Sad to say, but Young's problems were predictable

1:36 Jason Whitlock: no. vicnce young is not a starting quarterback in the nfl... i said this when he came out. he doesn't have the right mindset.

1:36 [Comment From Isagani ] Mr. Whitlock...do you have a Twitter account?

1:36 Jason Whitlock: nope. i haven't figured out twitter. sorry

1:37 FOXSports.com: http://www.twitter.com/FOXSportscom

1:37 [Comment From Matt in Cleveland ] Jason, loved your most recent piece on Selena Roberts. I cannot tell you how refreshing it was to read an honest assessment of that book, rather than the typical media self-congratulatory bull, acting like she just solved the crime of the century.

1:37 Jason Whitlock: no comment.... there are no Judge Jason questions??? i received a bunch to my email

1:37 [Comment From Jeremy ] If you could hang out with another reporter who has become more notable, thanks to any sports network, who would it be?

1:38 Jason Whitlock: Kornheiser and Wilbon.... Those guys are so real, just like they are on TV

1:38 [Comment From Kevin ] Can you wait for Tim Tebow to get his block knocked off in the NFL doing one of his jump passes? I can't!

1:39 Jason Whitlock: Tim Tebow is going to be a weapon in the NFL. maybe not a regular quarterback. but a weapon.

1:39 FOXSports.com: http://msn.foxsports.com/cfb/story/9521578/Tebow-looks-like-a-fit-in-Wildcat-offense

1:39 [Comment From The Doctor ] If you had your own "Judge Jason" show, who would be your bailiff? How about Sir Charles?

1:40 FOXSports.com: I'll be the judge on racial apologies

1:40 Jason Whitlock: I was thinking about comedian Paul Mooney... or Chris "Kid" Reid, his a friend of mine and he's mixed race. He has a pretty good grasp on racial issues. Sees things from both sides.

1:40 [Comment From Alejandro in FL ]Who's filtering this conversation? A question asking you how much you're getting paid for this gets through, but a legitimate question about the financial state of NBA teams is ignored? Am I supposed to ask ridiculously stupid questions the way it's seen on those sports shows on tv?

1:41 Jason Whitlock: I'm filtering. Lighten up. Laugh a little. I don't have any good thoughts on the NBA financial crisis. I don't try to be an expert on everything. I try to stick to what I know. and do research on what I don't know. If i can't give you a good answer, I move on...sorry

1:42 [Comment From Jon ] Which athlete do you think should never be allowed to play again? Why?

1:42 Jason Whitlock: OJ Simpson because of his arthritis.

1:43 [Comment From HoosierDave ] Hey JW, do you think the Bulls showed they're for real this year, or do you think that they're paper tigers for only hanging with a KG-less Boston?

1:44 Jason Whitlock: I think Chicago can be very good. Someone is going to have to get Ben Gordon under control. He shot them out of Game 7... he put up good numbers but i thougt he hurt 'em overall. Kirk Hinrich and Salmons could've won Game 7 if Gordon would'vve allowed it.

1:44 [Comment From Jeremy ] Who would you have commentating the next Super bowl?

1:44 POLL: Can Gordon make the Bulls a championship team?

Yes ( 34% )

No ( 66% )

1:45 Jason Whitlock: Troy Aikman is my favorite NFL color commentator. I also like Collinsworth... Emmitt Smiff is also looking for work... Honestly, I feel I'd be the best ever on the NFL, better than Cosell... I was born to call NFL games.

1:47 [Comment From Tom ] How much do radio hosts and newspaper columnists manufacture a contrarian opinion just to get attenion? for example, I live in Massachusetts and I turned on the Boston sports talk station after the Red Sox had a nice win over the Yankees. All the hosts did was rip Josh Beckett for not drilling someone on the Yankees to protect a teammate who had gotten hit. This stuff has to be an act, right?

1:47 Jason Whitlock: newspaper guys not nearly as much as radio guys... radio it happens a lot. i used to do radio. it's tough to talk for three hours.

1:48 [Comment From JimH ] Let me ask again, what's up with you and Mike Lupica? Who else doens't get along on the Sports Reporters?

1:48 Jason Whitlock: I don't know many people who think Lupica is a good person.

1:48 [Comment From Kaveman ] And btw, just because Oprah is black doesn't mean that she's half as relevant as Letterman. Or even Jimmy Fallon, for that matter.

1:49 POLL: Who's most relevant?

Oprah ( 53% )

Letterman ( 39% )

Fallon ( 8% )

1:49 Jason Whitlock: Her large audience gives her relevance and her influence. Not her color. Oprah is the $h*t,dude.

1:49 [Comment From Tim ] Who was better Avon and Stringer or Marlow? I say definetly Avon and Stringer.

1:50 Jason Whitlock: this is a ridiculous question. nobody held it down like the barksdale crew. nobody. they held the towers for decades.

1:50 [Comment From John ] How much can you bench?

1:51 Jason Whitlock: i used to bench 450... and that was all on wendy's triple cheeseburgers... now i struggle to life a triple. i cut it in half.

1:51 [Comment From scooby ] whats your favorite adult beverage??

1:51 Jason Whitlock: i'm a Goose man... Grey Goose

1:51 [Comment From Jordan ] Are you only on Dan Patrick's show when you mention him in an article?

1:51 POLL: Favorite Whitlock topic ...

cheeseburgers ( 21% )

strippers ( 40% )

The Wire ( 25% )

Judge JAson ( 15% )

1:52 Jason Whitlock: Pretty much.... I like Dan... but i don't like it when he acts all insecure. the guy is one of the best but he gets upset anytime i remotely criticize him.

1:52 [Comment From Danny ] Are most of the talking heads at ESPN jerks, like they seem?

1:52 Jason Whitlock: nope. most of the anchors are actually pretty cool.... seriously.

1:53 [Comment From Jonathan ] Is Kobe overrated? Last year people seriously debated whether he was better than Jordan (Mark Jackson/Dan Patrick), thankfully the Celts slapped him back to Earth. But I hear a lot of talk about him being a top 10 player of all time, that seems insane to me. Here's a guy who was never the best player on a championship team, has this overblown rep as a superhuman competitor (though he's quit in playoff games, closeout games against the Suns and Celts) and has this rep as the greatest closer in the NBA when there are several players with a high conversion rate on game winning shots. What separates him from Pippen? Who also lead a team sans Jordan to the playoffs and a Hue Hollins call from the Finals? Other than outside shooting what does Kobe do better than him? Yet Pip is not considered top 10. im puzzled, can you explain?

1:53 FOXSports.com: NBA Playoff Central: http://msn.foxsports.com/nba/story/9455418

1:54 Jason Whitlock: you're wrong about kobe... the guy is an all-time great and will prove it by winning an additional championship ortwo...

1:55 [Comment From BOB ] does roberts still have a job because she is female-i cant help but think that if a male reorter did the same thing he would have been finished

1:55 FOXSports.com: We just have a few more minutes here with Jason -- time to take a couple more questions ...

1:55 Jason Whitlock: selena roberts is talented. and male reporters have done the same things and far worse. keep it in perspective.

1:56 [Comment From Marc ] What is your favorite song played in Gentlemen's Clubs?

1:57 Jason Whitlock: Flash by Tech N9ne... check it out if you've never heard it... get it on Itunes seriouslly.. if you don't know about Tech N9ne, you better ask... I'm a Playa,.... This Ring is the greatest rap song ever made....The Rain...

1:58 [Comment From Robert ] Did you ever consider playing in the NFL?1:59

Jason Whitlock: yeah, in 8th grade when i was 6-foot, 220 pounds and ran the third leg of the 4-by-100 relay... I never got any taller and just got fatter from there.... all downhill....

1:59 Jason Whitlock: that's it and that's all thanks...

1:59 FOXSports.com: Thanks, Jason, for taking the time to chat with us today. For Jason Whitlock's full archive of articles for FOXSports.com, visit: http://msn.foxsports.com/writer/Jason-Whitlock?authorId=310

2:00 FOXSports.com: If you enjoyed this chat, please come back tomorrow for a chat with FOX Sports Chairman David Hill, who will be discussing NASCAR on FOX.

2:00 FOXSports.com: Chat LIVE with FOX Sports Chairman David Hill about NASCAR on FOX Friday at 3 p.m. E.T.

Author:Fox Sports
Author's Website:http://www.foxsports.com
Added: May 13, 2009

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