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Lendale White Stomps On Terrible Towel
by November 30, 1999 @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 21st 2008 8:40PM by JJ Cooper (author feed)
Filed under: Steelers, Titans, AFC North, AFC South
There is no doubt that the Titans handed the Steelers an embarrassing loss on Sunday. But Lendale White’s exclamation point on the victory may have been a dumb move considering the two teams could face each other in the AFC Championship.

Ideally you don’t want to give another team any kind of ammunition to fire them up. The Titans’ convincing win will likely fuel both teams for a potential rematch, but you can count on Mike Tomlin to show the Steelers the video of White stomping on the towel multiple times if they do have an AFC Championship rematch.

This isn’t the first time that an opposing player has “desecrated” a Terrible Towel.
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Predicting The Playoffs: So Many Playoff Scenarios, So Little Time
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 22nd 2008 7:34AM by JJ Cooper (author feed)
Filed under: Bears, Broncos, Buccaneers, Chargers, Colts, Cowboys, Dolphins, Eagles, Falcons, Jets, Giants, Panthers, Patriots, Ravens, Steelers, Titans, Vikings, NFL Playoffs

This was the week when seemingly everyone decided they didn’t want to go to the playoffs. For three weeks, the injury-ravaged Broncos could have earned a playoff spot by simply winning one game. But here we are with a week to play and the Broncos still need one win.

In the NFC wild card race, Dallas came into the weekend controlling its own destiny, but they lost. That then put the ball in the Falcons and Bucs’ court. Atlanta did come through with a win to clinch a playoff spot, but the Bucs also punted their chance with a loss to the Chargers. That meant that the Eagles could put themselves in the driver’s seat with a win over the Redskins (the same team that just lost to the Bengals). Of course Philadelphia lost that game, which means that Dallas is right back where they began the weekend–win next weekend and the Cowboys are in the playoffs.Continue Reading

LenDale White Sends DeAngelo Williams a Care Package With a Smash/Dash T-Shirt
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 19th 2008 12:39AM by Will Brinson (author feed)
Filed under: Panthers, Titans, NFL Media Watch, NFL Real Talk, NFL RumorsLenDale White is not going to let the whole “Smash and Dash” thing go. In case you missed it the first time around, he called out DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart for hijacking his and Chris Johnson’s nickname and called them out publicly.

The Panthers’ running backs kind of shrugged the business off and went back to not collapsing at the end of the season. LenDale, on the other hand, decided he wanted to let them know who the real owners of the name were. By sending them a little care package.
Inside were two blue T-shirts featuring photos of White and teammate Charles Johnson that read: “Tennessee’s Smash and Dash.”

“These are nice,” Williams said with a laugh as he held up a very large shirt. “I like them. But I wish LenDale had sent me one in my size instead of his.”
Get it? Because he’s fat. Which is a way more humorous insult than trying to grift an unoriginal nickname. The smart thing for White to do would probably be focusing on the Steelers game this weekend instead of trying to rile up a team that plays in another conference.

Not that it should matter much to Williams — he knows darn well he just got snubbed for the Pro Bowl (he’s the first backup) and you can most certainly expect he and Stewart to both run hard against the Giants Sunday night in what amounts to easily the most important game of the season for the NFC.

FanHouse Preview: Steelers at Titans
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 19th 2008 9:31AM by JJ Cooper (author feed)
Filed under: Steelers, Titans, AFC North, AFC SouthThis game wasn’t supposed to matter.

If Tennessee had beaten the Texans last week, this would be a rehash of the preseason. Tennessee would have the No. 1 seed for the playoffs wrapped up, while the Steelers would have locked up the No. 2 seed.

Instead, we now have a game that means something (although there is some debate as to how much), which means that both teams have reason to try to prove who’s the best team in the AFC, while also saving a little something in the back pocket in case they meet again next month.

Tennessee limps into this game without defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch, but the Titans also have an outstanding offensive line that has allowed only eight sacks all season–which is 19 less than Steelers outside linebackers James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley have racked up this year. If Tennessee can shut down the Steelers’ pass rush, it will give Dick LeBeau plenty to worry about.

This game will mean a lot more if it happens again in January, but as for now, it means more for the Titans. Tennessee needs to prove that they didn’t play their best football in September and October, while the Steelers, who just beat the Patriots, Cowboys and Ravens in the last three weeks, could shrug off a close loss as a minor setback.

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Vince Young Is Suing People for Stealing ‘VY’ and ‘Invinceable’ Trademarks From Him
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 18th 2008 10:00AM by Will Brinson (author feed)
Filed under: Titans, NFL Police Blotter, NFL Media Watch, NFL Rumors2008 was not really the best year for Vince Young. Unless when you hear the word “best” you start thinking of “being benched for Kerry Collins while everyone realizes that you’re a total psycho.” Which would make you weird.

Something else that would make you weird? Going out after a major sporting event and trying to hijack some soon-to-be-famous athlete’s nickname trademarks. But that’s exactly what a trio of men allegedly did to Young.
Young claims in a Federal lawsuit three dudes from deep in the heart of Texas applied for the trademark for “VY” and “INVINCEABLE” the day after he won the Rose Bowl back in 2006 — locking up the rights.

Now, young’s lawyer tells us, the football star can’t get deals with Reebok and video game makers, among others, because the defendants won’t give up their claim to “VY” or “INVINCEABLE.”
Now, if these guys really did this, it shouldn’t actually affect any deals with Reebok, etc. But if it actually is, good for VY, er Vinsanity, for sticking up for himself. Far too often in today’s world, people try to take advantage of others by “squatting” on certain ideas, and frankly, it’s pretty repulsive.

Of course, on the other hand, if Young is just filing this lawsuit because his invisible friend Tommy told him to do so, then we most likely have some problems on our hands. In other words, Young’s actions this year doesn’t really beef up his credibility when it comes to the whole federal lawsuit business.

NFL Power Rankings: Giants? Steelers? Titans? Panthers? Find Out Sunday
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 18th 2008 12:00PM by Michael David Smith (author feed)
Filed under: Giants, Panthers, Steelers, Titans
How do we figure out this NFL season? The Giants have been the best team in the NFC all year, but after Sunday’s loss the surging Panthers could catch them. The Titans have been the best team in the AFC all year, but after Sunday’s loss the surging Steelers could catch them.

Yes, we’ve got a wonderful pair of games on Sunday, with the Top 4 teams in our NFL Power Rankings taking each other on and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs on the line. Our rankings of the Big 4 — and the other 28 — are below.Continue Reading

Predicting the Playoffs: Giants Need to Earn Their First-Round Bye
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 16th 2008 1:43PM by JJ Cooper (author feed)
Filed under: Bears, Broncos, Buccaneers, Chargers, Colts, Cowboys, Dolphins, Eagles, Falcons, Jets, Giants, Panthers, Patriots, Steelers, Titans, Vikings, NFL Playoffs

The playoff scenarios get a little bit clearer, but what’s remarkable with two weeks to play is how a 10-6 record may mean very little this year. Usually 10-6 is enough to wrap up a playoff spot, and it is this year if you play in a weak division. But if you’re aiming for a wild-card spot, 10-6 might leave you sitting at home.

But while scenarios are clearer this week than last week, it’s still pretty complicated, especially in the wild-card races, where four 9-5 AFC teams and three 9-5 wild-card contenders in the NFC ensure that there are plenty of tiebreakers to check out.

Probably the most surprising thing that jumped out when running through this week’s scenarios is how the Giants could go from a sure-fire No. 1 seed to playing next week to stay out of the first week of the postseason if they lose this week. And Minnesota has gone from a likely January vacation to a shot at a first-round bye.

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Pro Bowl Berth Sets Haynesworth Free
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 16th 2008 9:52PM by JJ Cooper (author feed)
Filed under: Titans, AFC South, NFL Free AgencyIf there was any question about Albert Haynesworth hitting the free agent market, it’s now been answered. When Haynesworth was named to the Pro Bowl on Tuesday, it automatically triggered a clause in his contract that ensures that the Titans won’t franchise him in the offseason.

Haynesworth likely wouldn’t have needed the Pro Bowl appearance, as he also could have avoided the franchise tag by playing in 53 percent of the team’s defensive snaps if Tennessee won 10 games (they’ve already won 11). But the Pro Bowl berth means that the Titans can start preparing to put together a masive offer to keep their biggest star.

There may be some concerns about whether Haynesworth will keep the same level of intensity with a long-term deal, but Haynesworth has now produced at a elite level for two seasons, and it’s hard to imagine the Titans’ defense without him in the middle.

If you’re trying to put a number on what Haynesworth can expect this offseason, Shaun Rogers signed a contract extension before the season that pays him $23 million over the first three years. Haynesworth is a more reliable and better performer than Rogers, so it’s very possible that his deal will exceed Rogers in total money.

Haynesworth, KVB Out Until the Playoffs
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 15th 2008 8:53PM by JJ Cooper (author feed)
Filed under: Titans, AFC South, NFL InjuriesSo it’s easy to tell that it’s been a bad week for the Titans when this qualifies as good news: Albert Haynesworth will miss the next two games with a sprained knee, while defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch is also sidelined for the next two weeks after having surgery on his groin.

Sure it is good news if you compare it to the potential catastrophe that would have been the alternative: Haynesworth and KVB out through the playoffs, but it’s never a good thing when two of the team’s best players will be trying to get back into the flow of things during a playoff game.
“Any time he is not in there it is definitely a problem,” safety Chris Hope said. “Our guys have come in and played well … but consistently without Albert Haynesworth it is definitely something we have to be concerned about.”Jason Jones will replace Haynesworth in the lineup while the Titans have gotten plenty of experience at playing without Vanden Bosch, who has missed four games and parts of a couple of others already. In fact Jacob Ford (six sacks) and Dave Ball (four sacks) have produced nearly as much of a pass rush as Vanden Bosch.

But the key is to get Haynesworth back. WIthout the big man in the middle, the rest of the Titans’ defense is not nearly as frightening, but with Haynesworth destroying double teams, everyone else’s job gets a whole lot easier.

Owner: Vince Young Is Still the Titans QB of the Future
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 14th 2008 12:19PM by JJ Cooper (author feed)
Filed under: Titans, AFC SouthThe Titans may be 12-1, but if you’re Vince Young, it wouldn’t surprising if you wished that 2008 had just never happened.

He lost his starting job to Kerry Collins, police tried to track him down after team officials thought he was in danger of commiting suicide, he’s been called a “soft baby,” and his desire to play football has been questioned. But while Young may have lost some of the respect of his teammates, Titans owner Bud Adams is still a VY believer, as he told the Tennessean.

“He is a young guy and he is learning. He is still growing up,” Adams said Tuesday during a visit in his penthouse office. “Vince is under contract for three more years, so he is not going anywhere. I just think he is going through a lot of different things right now. In his first year he went to the Pro Bowl, then took us into the playoffs the next year. And then at the start of this season he got booed and was injured, and it was just too much to take. But he has gotten over that and we’ve talked. I think he’s doing a great job working as the No. 2 guy behind Kerry, but he’ll get another chance.”

It’s hard to believe what Adams saying is likely to happen. After leading the Titans to the best record in the NFL, it makes sense that the Titans would give Collins a new contract and the starting job for 2009 barring a complete collapse over the next couple of weeks. And if that’s true, it’s hard to imagine Young being happy to sit on the bench, when someone, somewhere would be likely to give him a chance at the starting job.

Maybe Adams is right. Maybe the Titans and Young will have a patience that most NFL teams and players don’t have. But it’s hard to believe it.

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