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Mercury Morris Is Really Impressed With This Tennessee Titans Football Team
by November 30, 1999 @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Nov 17th 2008 3:00PM by Ryan Wilson (author feed)
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I know what some of you are thinking: it’s not the ‘72 Dolphins’ fault if the media calls them up for their opinions about whichever team might be undefeated. It happens every year, usually around Week 6 or so. Last season, it became obvious early that the old-timers, like just about everybody else outside New England, were praying to the god of schadenfreude for a Patriots loss. It took 19 games, but it finally happened, and we all lived happily ever after or something.

We’re 11 weeks into the ‘08 season and the Titans are the last of the unbeatens, now 10-0 after thumping the Jaguars yesterday. And lucky for us, Mercury Morris, a running back and unofficial spokesperson from the ‘72 Dolphins squad, has some thoughts on the matter.

Interestingly, unlike the ‘07 Patriots, Morris is a fan of this Tennessee team. Probably because the media considers them something of an afterthought. “If the Titans show up [in the Super Bowl with a perfect record], they would be exactly like we were. Nobody believed after the 10th game, the 12th game, the 16th game,” Morris said on ESPN’s First Take on Monday. …

“The Patriots, you people were crowning them after the second game and the season was a formality. I kept trying to tell you,” Morris said on First Take. Yes, thank God Morris was there to remind us — seemingly every day — that the Patriots weren’t who we thought they were. His motives were noble, indeed.

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